Colt official police serial numbers

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Colt produced over 400,000 revolvers, the Official Police ranks as one of the most successful and well-liked handguns ever made. During World War II the Colt Official Police became the Colt Commando for use by US Government Agencies and for Lend Lease. The most famous agency to use the Colt Commando was the OSS which became the CIA.
Apr 07, 2003 · It is the most –produced revolver in the Colt line, encompassing some 750,000 units with room for confusion occasioned by shared serial numbers. The designation “Special” Comes from the lengthened cylinder which allowed it to house its most popular cartridge - the .38 Special / Colt New Police and incidentally, the 32-20 WCF cartridge.
Colt 'Official Police' 38 Caliber Revolver. Several years back, my Stepfather handed down this revolver to me. Since he died last summer, I no longer am in a position to obtain information about the weapon directly from him. I researched the serial number directly with Colt and learned that the ...
Oct 15, 2020 · The Colt Army Special 38, produced from 1908-1927, was somewhat of a misnomer since it was utilized mainly by police forces and not the U.S. Army. Part of the Colt Army Special 38 appeal to police ...
Fits : Python & Official Police Colt Python & Official Police "Third Type" Rosewood Heritage Checkered Grips w/Reclaimed Medallions. Used from early 1970's to the early 1990's. These grips are as close to the originals as can be created today.
Colt Model 1900 Sight Safety Serial Number 110, First Army Contract - The Colt Model 1900 is the first Browning designed automatic pistol model licensed to and manufactured by Colt Patent Fire Arms Manufacturing Company. This pistol was manufactured in 1900, the first year of production and is the earliest variation of the Model 1900 with rear ...
Colt Model 1862 Police .36 Cal Revolver. The more desirable 6 ½" barrel. All numbers are matching. Colt 1862 Police. This is a very early gun being serial number 651 and has a Hartford barrel address. Also very desirable as it has an iron backstrap and trigger guard and it is not English...
In the early 20th century the Colt Positive and Positive Special teamed with Colt's other admired model, the Official Police, to capture the lion's share of the law enforcement firearms market. Very popular with law enforcement officers due to its light weight, the Positive Special went through a number of series or “issues”.
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Jan 10, 2019 · At the War Department, a Captain Baker approved of the Colt Commando prototype. Two other Colt Commando prototypes with Official Police serial numbers 724348 and 724347 were shipped to the Springfield Ordnance District (SOD) and to the Office of the Chief of Ordnance on October 27 and November 2, 1942, respectively.
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